Canal Street Cutlery took great pride in developing relationships with the knife craftsmen in our home town of Ellenville, in Wawarsing, NY. Wawarsing has been in the forefront of the knife making business since the late 1840's and is home to families with generations of cutlers. Canal Street Cultery was originally founded to manufacture pocket and hunting knives in this classical tradition using the old world cutlery skills of best craftsmen in our community. The knifes below were all handcrafted right next door to us, and have received high critical acclaim around the world. They are extremely well-made and have many qualities that are hard to find in this day and age. They are revered by pocketknife traditionalists, as well as collectors who value their long range value. In our experience with collectibles quality wins the long range game, and these knives fit all the criteria of increasing in value for posterity. Canal Street Cutlery, in business from 2004 to 2015, is now closed, and all of their traditional knives are out of production limited edition collectibles.

American Chestnut Wood Cannitler 1

This fabulous knife is an American Classic through and through. It's handle was made with preserved American Wormy Chestnut wood handles from a 100 year old tobacco barn in Hopkinsville, KY. A thick, compact spear blade, and two small sharp finishing blades, complement the sturdy, well engineered, spit back-springs, and oversized Canoe bolsters that support a full range of blade motion. You'll think of grandpa when you open and use this blade. It's a very, very special rare pocketknife.


Black Canvas Micarta Moon Pie Trapper  1

This deep black resin-coated two blade moon pie trapper sports all stainless steel components. The Moon Pie Trapper was Canal Street Cutlery's first knife pattern. It's a classic traditional two blade trapper knife meant for long hours in the field. A true show piece with comfortable grips and extraordinary functionality.


North American Stag Moon Pie Trapper  1

The Cutlers at Canal Street Cutlery went prowling North America for fine Natural Trophy Elk Stag. Something to tide over their insatiable appetite for Americana. Its chocolate and mossy bark tones are further enhanced with fine silver bolsters and caps, and elegant hand honed 3¼" Steel Trapper and Spey Blades. 4⅛" overall it's great for camping on the American Plains, and very durably constructed.


2007 Amber Stag Bone Four Blade Congress 1


4⅛" American Chestnut Swell Center Jack 1

Reclaimed and Stabilized American Wormy Chestnut Wood Handled Jackknife with Two Carbon Steel Blades and Brass Liners. Stands on its sturdy nickel silver seal cap to reveal a Coke-Bottle style. You can't get this kind of quality any longer. Clip and pen blades with double flat ground tapered D2 carbon steel that snap when opening and closing. Originally designed and made in the USA. Chestnut Wood reclaimed from historic Amish barn in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.


Jezebel Amber Tortoise Shell Cannitler       1

This Cannitler in Tortoise Shell reckons back to a day when teenagers hit the corner drug store for two cents plain, and cub scouts were allowed to whittle with their pocket knives. It boasts a thick and rugged, sharp carbon steel Spear blade with resounding snap. It can tackle any task you need it for. Two very sharp finishing blades add versatility. A comfortably finished, compact canoe pocketknife with that old-fashioned feel and lots of punch. One of 25 made and extremely rare premiere split backspring construction.


Amber Stag Bone Trailing Drop Point Hunter 1

This Premium Stainless Steel Drop Point Hunting Knife with Worm Grooved Amber Stag Bone grips was designed to allow your finger to rest on the "trailing" blade notch. A sharp extension of your hand to field dress the hunt of the day. It has a very comfortable haft, with full tang, and extra thick tarnish resistant silver bolsters. Beautifully balanced sheath knife with hard tapered steel, tasty caramel, amber and burnt umber tones, and a comfortable grip whether you wield it in hand or sheath. A classic heirloom knife ready for safari. Holds a very fine edge.


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