WoW ~ What a Week!

We spoke to a 70 year old fellow this week, who lives in Kansas and has a collection of 400 ring openers – including one in real tortoise shell. WoW! He invited us over to visit and see his collection, and we may have to take him up on it. He has a lot of great stories and I think I want to report back to you all about him in more detail.

Newest Canal Street Cutlery (CSC) Knife Winner

We have been giving away a valuable CSC knife every month. This month our drawing was held on Monday July 2 and Ronald Scheier, of Sylvester, GA was our lucky winner. Ronald won one of 6 CSC SFO Summer Pine Bone Three Blade Stockman’s ever been made. He told me he never wins anything… I told him he can’t say that anymore. Congratulations on your win Ronald!

We will continue to give away a limited edition American hand made Canal Street Knife to a lucky winner every month through early in the new year this January. You can see a list of our monthly prize winners at the following link:
To be eligible to win, you must register your first name, last name, and email address with me either on our website in the right hand column, or by giving it to me in person or call us at 845-524-4508.

Independence Day July 4

American Independence Day is always a special day for us, a day of both celebration and reflection. It is a celebration of the victory won by a group of valiant American colonists, of the freedoms achieved by their vision, and of the blessings that flow from the foundation of their unity. And it is a time for reflection on the awesome sacrifices our American forefathers made to empower our Constitution, and the power of their inspiration.

That inspiration is nowhere more evident to us than in the story of Canal Street Cutlery, whose roots were established by this victory. It gave master cutlers in Soligen and Sheffield, bound by the restrictions of their localized craft customs, a chance to escape the tiered boundaries of the trade; set up shop here in our valley to pursue their craft without fear of having new ideas; and gave access to a wealth of inexpensive resources for making their knives. Here in the Hudson Valley they flourished from the industrial Revolution of the mid 1800’s to the beginning of the 21st Century. We are now twelve years into the 21st Century and have seen the transport of this great tradition of American knife-making to Asia.

It is a story no different than many other manufacturing and agrarian industries – cheap resources and labor both began and is now trying to end this tradition, but it is the freedoms established by the American Revolution that is allowing Canal Street Cutlers to continue our local efforts to preserve the great American knife-making tradition established by the generations of their families that settled here.

We are The Canal Street Cutlery Store. When you buy a Canal Street Knife from us you are not only buying quality passed down by these generations but you are continuing a fine tradition established by our American Independence. That makes a very small purchase from us a very big value!

White Diamondback Pinch Lock Back Bites Off a New Record

CSC 3¾" White Diamondback Pinch Lockback

We released our newest knife to our Insiders this week on July 5 – a snakeskin patterned 3¼” Pinch Lock Back – within 27 hours – they had all slithered away! Wow - that was gratifying and a new record release for us. Thanks to all of you who snapped them up. If you missed it you need to sign up to be on our email or twitter. You can see what it looked like here:

We are releasing knives one a week in the next Month or so – including our newest Squeeze Lock Back – Big Brother of the Pinch. Our first Squeeze will be a SFO Timber Rattler Diamond Back. We expect to release it Thursday July 19 – keep watching our website because if we have them sooner it will be up in advance of it’s release. This is a dangerously beautiful knife.

Those of you who purchased the White Diamond Back will be given the opportunity to get a timber rattler diamond back pinch with the same number as your white diamondback – email to reserve/pre-purchase it – it will have the same pattern as the Squeeze we mentioned above.

Did I say they were all gone – well – it’s not exactly true - #01 is still available. We reserve all of our number 01’s for special purchases – call or email me if you are interested. Our contact info is listed at the bottom of the page.


We are becoming more proficient at tweeting – so if you have a twitter account make sure you sign up with us by selecting the twitter logo on the bottom of our first page and selecting the follow option.

We tweet everything we do! Motto

Remember our motto :
“Never trust someone who doesn’t carry a pocket knife”

Our knives have real integrity and help identify you!

Michael Out!

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